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Measurement Solutions in Vaccine Production and Handling

March 31, 2021

Three presentations in one webinar. Learn how to save time and costs, while ensuring quality in vaccine research, production, and storage. Date: April 28th, 2021 Time: 10:00 AM (EDT) TOPICS In an upcoming webinar hosted by our partner Vaisala-K-Patents, three Vaisala experts will cover several solutions for vaccine production and storage. First, they will describe…

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Select the Right Flame Detector

March 15, 2021

Consider a number of factors to determine the most appropriate option by Emerson Automation Solutions FIRES AND explosions are common hazards in the chemical and refining industries. Unexpected releases of flammable liquids and gases can ignite, sometimes violently, when mixed with air, leading to injury and property damage. Energy-sensing flame detectors can enhance the safety…

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Natural Gas – Methane Detection Case Study

March 10, 2021

KEY RESULTS Deployed in Days not Months Significant installation savings with easy deployment Installed flexible solution in a remote area Challenge Customer operates an underground natural gas storage facility. Once a natural gas field, the facility was successfully converted into a storage reservoir through gas reinjection. The process of conversion also involves drilling many new…

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