Food & Beverage Industry Solutions

The processes in the Food & Beverage Industry can be subject to extremely high standards for hygiene and quality. For most food processing companies, sacrificing the quality of the product they produce to get to a lower cost is just not the answer.  The answer lies in process improvements with regards to downtime reduction, production efficiency, or process optimization.

Westech Industrial offers numerous solutions to businesses in the Food & Beverage industry to help improve productivity throughout the plant with the use of factory automation and on-line analysis.  With over 50 years in the analytical instrumentation and process control industry, we can offer you expert advice and leading-edge technology that can help meet those hard challenges.

Our Solutions

Refresh yourself! Measurement technology behind your after-work drinks and snacks

Measurement data behind the production of carbonated soft drinks You’ve been working hard and it’s time for a break. Fancy a drink? How about something refreshing but with a kick…

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Flame Prevention for Food and Beverage Production

Manufacturing and processing food and beverages creates substantial fire and toxic gas risks. Gases are used for baking, processing and refrigerating foods. These gases can be highly hazardous – either…

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Case Study: Fat-Conscious Online Viscometer Watches the Chocolate

On-line viscometers from Hydramotion Ltd are helping to ensure that the chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hand. Chocolate is a dispersion of finely-divided sugar, milk protein and…

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Which “Whey” will the Dairy Industry Grow in the next few years?

According to market reports the Whey protein and lactose markets will witness a robust expansion by 2027. Whey protein and lactose are important food supplements that are commonly concentrated and…

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Trends and Opportunities in Dairy and Nondairy Beverages

Westech Industrial is a proud distributor of VAISALA K-Patents for Ontario, and we are pleased to share with our customers this FREE webinar series on the latest trends and innovation…

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Don’t Lose Your Fizz – Safeguarding CO2 Measurements

Operational instrument uptime and non-ambiguous measurement values are key aspects of in-line dissolved CO2 measurement systems installed in breweries and carbonated soft drinks facilities. The integrity of wetted sensor parts…

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Optimizing Dairy Production: find out how you can improve this popular food!

Why are we talking about optimizing dairy production? Because Milk represents the most important segment in the food market and as a drink, it is the most consumed product among…

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