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At Westech, customer service is our first priority. We take pride in delivering top quality, cost-effective products, solutions and support on-time, anywhere. Our service and support facilities are located at our Calgary AB, Burlington ON, and London ON locations with all remote offices having full access to support staff.



Calgary, AB
5636 Burbank Crescent SE,
Calgary, AB, T2H-1Z6

TOLL-FREE (24/7): 1-800-912-9262


Burlington, ON
1080 Clay Avenue, Unit # 4.
Burlington, ON. L7L-0A1

TOLL-FREE (24/7): 1-800-775-6129


London, ON
164 Newbold Court,
London, ON, N6E-1Z7

TOLL-FREE (24/7): 1-800-775-6129

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Western Canada Product Support Services

The service technical group in Calgary, Alberta is part of a national service team that supports our business throughout home and overseas. We provide service support and systems integration capabilities in areas of compliance and process environmental emission monitoring as well as expertise in specialty analytics, process instrumentation and safety systems. Our E&I group can provide turn-key solutions and be involved at any stage of a product lifecycle. Our expertise ranges from mechanical services on PVRVs, flame arrestors, tank protection products to analytical support for RATA, site acceptance testing, inspections, repairs and evaluations for a wide range of analyzers, process and safety systems, PLC programming, VFD and general electrical panel work. Our 24/7 phone service support, specialized training, loaner and rental programs offering are in line with our strong commitment for ensuring customer satisfaction with our products and services.

Hot-shot services are available for immediate turn-around on critical process equipment or field service. Our mobile test bench can be booked for in-field re-certification and testing of valves during customer shut-downs.



Eastern Canada Product Support Services

Our state-of-the-art instrument repair shops in London and Burlington Ontario are equipped with dedicated work stations and equipment for testing and verification. Our highly trained service staff can handle any technical, mechanical, analytical, CEMs, measuring/metering, or nuclear support job.

The technical team in London, ON is highly specialized in analytical support for RATA, site acceptance testing, repair, modifications and evaluations for sample conditioning systems, physical property analyzers, gas chromatographs, continuous gas analyzers, continuous emission monitoring systems, process instrumentation and safety systems. The technical team is also involved in design, drafting and construction of Integrated Solution products.

The Burlington, ON office hosts our dedicated valve service location. With a combined 27,000 sq. ft. of office, warehouse and service space, our Burlington location provides critical mobile and bench valve service support to industries throughout Eastern Canada.



Valve Repair Services

Learn more about our valve repair services available in our Burlington and Calgary offices plus our mobile valve services available in Ontario.

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