Valve Repair & Maintenance

Technical Service at Westech means that our customers will always have the backup of a professional, dedicated technical support department. The technical service team are trained in all aspects of safety valve testing and repair. Our technicians are fully certified and factory trained to bring you the very best in servicing and maintaining product integrity in your pressure relief products. They are experienced in testing high pressure welded steam valves in power plants as well as PRVs in process plants.

As a result, the Westech Technical Services team can successfully support problem resolution with a broad knowledge of products and applications. Through our planned maintenance programs, our technicians can help extend the life of your valuable equipment, reducing equipment breakdowns, lost productivity, and lost revenue. Because your customers depend on you, we always strive to deliver top-notch, efficient customer service.




Mobile Valve Serving

Westech Industrial Ltd. offers on-site repair services for all types of valves from any manufacturer. By bringing this service to you we can offer a quick turnaround, cost efficiency and minimize the impact on project scheduling and equipment.

Our Valve Services Include

Parts & Replacement Management

Westech Valve Servicing supports new and existing customers by:

  • Planning demand and replenishment
  • Providing purchasing support for Westech and non-Westech products
  • Managing inventory for new and swap stock.

By providing a full range of replacement parts, Westech can upgrade existing inventories when newer and improved materials and designs are available. OEM parts are supplied when products are obsolete. In order to ensure optimum capabilities, Westech utilizes use-case insights to determine the most appropriate spare part assortments and offers a monitoring program to oversee consumption experience and data to drive procurement volumes. It is no wonder that customers trust and appreciate Westech’s OEM quality and support commitment.

Inspections, Testing & Certification

Timely expertise is vital during the critical stages of inspection, testing, calibration and certification. Westech Valve Servicing offers thorough inspections and equipment tests that are geared to meet specific industry needs. We calibrate all types of equipment, including actuators and instrumentation, and certify all products according to current industry standards.

Westech serves as an end-to-end partner providing each client with the following:

  • A detailed product insight and proficiency report
  • Continuous investment in tools, equipment, and instrumentation to achieve the highest quality standards
  • Achieving and maintaining industry certifications

Quality is the cornerstone of our business and we will never compromise on customer satisfaction or adherence to regulations.

Consultative Services

Westech Valve Servicing has a team of highly skilled maintenance and operations experts whose goal is to help customers improve their operations through a wide range of support services.

From an initial site survey, the Westech team will discover and understand the needs and performance objectives of each operation. Working closely with each customer to develop an optimal operations and maintenance strategy, we will bring our decades of experience to assist our clients in achieving their specified goals. Embedded engineers and technicians offer ongoing support to customers in all areas; starting with the initial strategy development, to ongoing management and deployment of improvements, to executing the work.

Westech possesses over 50 years of product and field expertise in oil and gas, process, mining, and power operations, and offers an international network of expert resources that are available on every project. In addition, Westech provides flexible teaming options; choose from single-contracting to long-term arrangements.

Installation & Commissioning

Westech Valve Servicing ensures total investment protection from the outset by installing new products in-line and supporting commissioning activities.

Installation and commissioning of industrial equipment is critical to plant performance. As a leading supplier we understand that safety is a delicate process. We recognize that the proper handling and installation of equipment is central to all operations to ensure that our customer’s equipment will always function as designed.

Westech is the name behind many of the world's most respected valve manufacturers. We offer our customers the confidence of knowing that we are leaders in optimizing the performance, efficiency, and safety of all valve and control assets in their plant.

Experience leads to quality. As your trusted partner in installation and commissioning services, Westech is able to provide prompt and precise resolution of all warranty cases and offer a seamless transition from the initial commissioning through to the support phase.

Maintainance & Repair

Whether it’s a single asset repair or an entire turnkey plant shutdown, Westech Valve Servicing has the experience and knowledge to create a tailor made maintenance strategy to suit each unique operation. Our OEM-trained and industry certified service teams have the experience to service and maintain an extensive portfolio of leading brands.

Services we offer include:

  • Recertification testing and tagging
  • All makes and models of pressure relief safety valves
  • Sandblasting of exteriors
  • Painting of exteriors
  • Full disassembly and verification of critical components
  • Expediting services available
  • Lapping, Polishing & Repairs on site
  • Air, Liquid and Steam testing capabilities
  • Advanced AVK lift assist devices
  • Damage analysis
  • Resolution support
  • Diagnostic and RCFA insight for prevention of future interventions
  • Embedded service crews at customer sites
  • In-situ, on-site repairs

Because of our established network of mobile valve services, service centers and experienced sales representatives, Westech is able to offer a broad package of service capabilities. Our highly skilled technicians are able to access international support expertise to provide:

  • Effective maintenance
  • Increased valve reliability
  • Efficiency
  • Process availability through a flexible and local service

Asset Integrity Management

The monitoring of valves and actuators in an industrial plant can be a monumental task. Westech Valve Servicing has developed a comprehensive Asset Integrity Management solution that gives customers the ability to make vital decisions around safety and reliability versus costs.

In order to maximize profits and minimize personnel impacts, our services will assist with the following:

  • Tracking maintenance history
  • Documenting re-certifications
  • Anticipating new parts orders
  • Determining parts replacements and repair intervals
  • Planning for outages

Westech can offer an asset and maintenance management system that allows for:

  • Current asset tracking
  • Accessible and detailed documentation
  • Risk-oriented inspection programs
  • Comprehensive root cause failure analysis.

This comprehensive package allows customers to make detailed and qualitative decisions regarding asset management. Prevention and prediction will save time, money and lives. Improve the reliability of your operations and maintenance downtime with Westech, we’re always here to provide superior support.


Service & Application Training

Training can take many forms, from technical support through to hands-on immediate maintenance. Based on our many years of expert product knowledge, combined with dedicated application and process insights, Westech Valve Servicing provides customized training programs covering:

  • Product operations
  • Maintenance
  • Customer crews

Long-term product and field service experts have the skill and experience to train customer technicians to the latest industry standards and impart in-depth product knowledge. Your technicians will gain invaluable first-hand tips and advice for managing and operating products in the field. We believe in establishing long-term partnerships to ensure our customers maintain an optimal operational standard. You can always rely on ongoing support from Westech’s world-class team.

End of Life Support

With over fifty years of engineering expertise, in-field service, and product knowledge, Westech is the solutions specialists. By combining your asset-specific needs with our rapid and comprehensive product and parts solutions, we will ensure that our customers are able to keep their original and specialized equipment in perfect running order for as long as necessary.

Westech offers the following:

  • Refurbishing products to an “as new” state
  • Manufacturing parts for obsolete product lines
  • Offering upgrades and modifications.

Westech’s agile exchange programs help customers transition an aging base into a modern valve and actuator fleet. We also provide a comprehensive Asset Integrity Management program with predictive and preventative maintenance information to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Product Upgrades & Modifications

Over time a plant’s installed base of valves and actuators will inevitably age. Therefore in order to ensure optimum operations, expert advice is essential when upgrading required assets for:

  • Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Advanced Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) protection.

This is where Westech offers you the advanced solution. With our extensive catalog of leading brands in cutting edge valves, actuators and controls, we are able to offer the most advanced turnkey solutions for our customers.

We will:

  • Identify and supply the most suitable upgrades
  • Identify and supply modifications to meet regulatory, safety and operational requirements
  • Optimize process efficiency
  • Contrast obsolescence

Our services range from Management of Change (MoC) engineering support right through to complete installation and commissioning of products.

Turnarounds, Revisions & Shutdowns

Westech is an international company that offers the advantage of global experience to assist in all facets of planned plant turnarounds, revisions and shutdowns. These industrial events require a dedicated team to oversee end-to-end project management focusing around the customer’s valve and actuator fleets.

Westech is able to provide the following:

  • A team of essential, trained, dedicated professionals
  • Exact on the ground resources
  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • We will also offer integral support through:
  • Comprehensive planning
  • Preparation of work
  • On-site execution
  • State-of-the-art reporting
  • Documentation

Westech regularly manages large turnarounds for major organizations and provides access to a diverse service support network of leading professionals and dedicated local service centers.

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