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The pharmaceutical industry is challenged with long research and development cycles, long clinical trial phases, and stringent manufacturing regulation and reporting requirements. The industry is evolving to take on these challenges. While remaining focused on increasing the speed to market, pharmaceutical companies are employing strategies such as single-use technologies, modular manufacturing designs, small scale manufacturing, and prototyping facilities.

Westech supplies the right products specifically designed to help the pharmaceutical industry overcome these challenges.

Our Solutions

The Superior Hygienic Solution – Jacoby-Tarbox® Uni-San® Hygienic Sight Windows

THE PROBLEM A customer was searching for a sanitary fused sight window solution after experiencing supply chain disruptions with European manufacturers with their current sight window source. The customer also…

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Engineered hygienic clamps — how precision gauging leads to hygienic union reliability and product quality

Just as a table needs at least three legs to achieve stability, adding an engineered clamp can be the third leg that ultimately stabilizes union performance to meet industry demands…

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Navigating the Future: Ultrasonic flow measurements in flare installations

In today’s highly competitive process industry, continuous optimization of operations and service work is crucial. Moreover, as environmental regulations pertaining to flaring become increasingly stringent, it becomes imperative to employ…

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Optical Inline Process Refractometer Series: A Pioneering Solution for Industrial Liquid Measurements

Westech Industrial Ltd is excited to announce the launch of our partner Vaisala’s pioneering optical inline process refractometer series for industrial liquid measurements. The series is designed to provide accurate…

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Measurement Solutions in Vaccine Production and Handling

Three presentations in one webinar. Learn how to save time and costs, while ensuring quality in vaccine research, production, and storage. Date: April 28th, 2021Time: 10:00 AM (EDT) TOPICS In…

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