Arjay Engineering

Level Monitors, Tank Monitors & Point Switches

Arjay manufactures a complete line of level monitors and controls for both liquid and solid applications. Including single and multiple point switches to continuous transmitters and multiple tank monitors.

These employ unique Radio Frequency Capacitance circuitry to maximize accuracy and minimize maintenance.

Available distribution: BC, AB, & SK

Products Available

  • ppm Oil in Water Monitors
  • Oil/Water Separator Monitors and Controls
  • Level Controls
  • Floating Oil Monitors and Controls
  • Area and Tank Leak Alarms
  • Dry Pump and Phase Detection
  • Plugged Chute Detection
  • Oil/Water % Concentration
  • Liquid Interface Alarm
  • Condensation Alarm
  • Capacitance Monitor
  • Oil/Water Interface
  • Foam Control Monitors
  • Oil Transfer Monitor
  • Gas Detection in Air