Cement & Lime Process Solutions

Cement and Lime plants depend on 100% availability of critical process control equipment. Accurate control is required to efficiently produce a high-quality product. All of this is necessary while maintaining compliance with today’s environmental regulations.

Westech Industrial provides a wide range of instrumentation products for cement industry processes such as continuous gas analyzer systems for process gas measurements, emission monitoring, online measurements for bulk materials, as well as instrumentation for other specific applications.

Our Solutions

Pyro Process Optimization using Modern Gas Analyzer Systems

Maximizing production output, increasing energy efficiency, decreasing unwanted downtime and lowering emissions are major tasks of today’s cement producers. To find out more about how Westech Industrial’s partner SICK Ltd…

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Solutions for gas analysis in cement plants

CEMTEC® – For extreme conditions The CEMTEC® gas sampling system has been developed for continuous flue gas analysis in cement kiln inlet chambers and in other extremely dusty high-temperature processes. Increasing the…

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Process Control Products for the Cement & Lime Industry