Water & Wastewater Process Control Solutions

As water resources become scarce and environmental regulations become more rigorous, water and wastewater treatment is becoming increasingly complex.

Controlling water quality starts with precise detection and measurement of one or more water quality parameters such as chlorine and other chlorine-based chemicals for disinfection, oxidant for precipitation, taste or odour control, de-chlorination process and PH correction.

Whether it is wastewater reuse, process water treatment, high purity water for sensitive scientific or medical applications, or perhaps a system to supply high-quality drinking water, we have a solution for you.

Westech Industrial has over 40 years working directly with Varec Biogas and other instrumentation in the water & wastewater industry.  We have the latest cutting edge process control instrumentation to help you optimize your process performance.

Also, as an integrated provider of water control solutions, one of our key strengths is our knowledge of the municipal water control industry. Westech commonly addresses the challenges that clients are having with municipal water and wastewater by offering reliable and efficient solutions.

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