Industry leading Analytical Integrated Solutions

Precise integration is the key to the accuracy of any analytical system. Westech provides solutions covering all main analytical techniques such as NIR, MWXRF, chromatography, spectrometry, physical property colorimetry, voltammetry and more. Our detailed understanding of current technologies, applications and standards will guarantee a measurement solution that will meet your technical specifications and exceed all of your project requirements.

MO 1208 - Analytical
Gas & GC

Physical Property & Refinery Analytics

  • Reid Vapour Pressure
  • Total Vapour Pressure
  • ULSD (Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel) Measurement
  • Cloud Point
  • Flash Point

Gas & GC (Gas Chromatography) Integration

  • CEM (Continuous Emissions Monitoring) Systems
  • CGA (Continuous Gas Analysis)
  • Sample Probe and Transportation
  • SCS (Sample Conditioning Systems)

Liquid Analytics & Auxillary Services

  • Water Analysis
  • Sample Recovery
  • Validation/Calibration Systems
  •  Instrument Air
  •  Power Distribution
  •  Recovery

Project Portfolio

Here are some of our recent projects. Be sure to also check out our entire project portfolio Westech Industrial has helped custom build for our clients throughout the years.

Meets ASTM D445, D7493-08, D86, 2500, 56, 93, 323, 5191 standards.

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