Analyzers & Sampling - Gas-Phase Measurement

Analyzers & Sampling - Gas Phase Measurement

Westech Industrial has been at the forefront of delivering innovative products and tailored solutions for gas-phase measurement for over 55 years. Specializing in both analyzers and sampling systems, we empower clients across Canada to navigate the complexities of industrial processes with unparalleled expertise and precision.

Comprehensive Range of Analyzers and Sampling Systems

Our robust selection encompasses the latest in analyzer technology and sampling systems designed for the continuous monitoring and optimization of your operations. Whether it’s minimizing corrosion within heat exchangers, conducting meticulous emissions testing for environmental compliance, or pinpointing chemical concentrations within any process stream, Westech has a suite of solutions calibrated to your specifications.

Customized Integrated Fabrication

Beyond product provision, Westech Industrial is committed to delivering comprehensive support for both our clientele and manufacturing partners. Our value-added services encompass manufacturing and integration solutions that transcend the boundaries of the products we represent, extending to a diverse array of analyzers and instrumentation from various manufacturers.

Choose Westech for improving the reliability, energy efficiency, and overall productivity of your industrial applications. Our team of seasoned professionals is adept at designing and constructing custom engineered projects that conform precisely to your operational requirements.

Contact Us for Precision Engineered Solutions

Ready to enhance your process with precision-engineered solutions? Connect with Westech Industrial’s team of experts at (403) 252-8803, or explore our array of integrated solutions by visiting our Custom Fabrication page.