Analyzers & Sampling - Gas-Phase Measurement

Westech Industrial has been providing innovative products and solutions for over 50 years.  Our expertise with analyzers and sampling systems ensures we can help our clients overcome the challenges inherent in industrial processes throughout Canada.

Westech offers a full range of analyzers and sampling systems for the continuous monitoring of your system. Whether you need to minimize corrosion across a heat exchanger, measure emissions for environmental compliance, or determine the chemical concentration in any process stream we have solutions to meet your needs.

Integrated Solutions

In support of our clients and manufacturers, Westech offers value-added manufacturing and integration solutions. We integrate products we represent, but also other analyzers and instrumentation manufacturers.

Allow Westech Industrial to help you improve the reliability, energy efficiency, and productivity of your processes. Our professionals can design and build custom engineered projects that are constructed to meet your specifications. For more information please call us at (403) 252-8803 or visit our Integrated Solutions page.