Pulp & Paper Industry Solutions

The pulp and paper industry plays a very important role in Canada’s economic development. It is one of the largest manufacturing industries in Canada, however, the industry is now facing international marketing competition in low production cost newsprint paper which is now pushing the industry towards producing higher quality paper products which requires process controls to help companies produce quality products, at low production costs and comply with environmental regulations.

Westech Industrial's innovative products and over 50 years in the process control instrumentation market making us the ideal partner for the pulp and paper industry.

Our Solutions

Sight Flow Indicators – Pulp & Paper and Black Liquor Applications

 Figure 1: Sight Flow Indicators  Breaking down wood into usable fibers to create paper products is aggressive and demanding. This chemical-based process can be challenging for materials used in pipe, fittings, and specialty instrumentation. Sight flow indicators, like the examples in Figure 1 below, provide valuable insight into various applications by providing a direct view…

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