Unique and Precise Terminal Solutions

Accurate measurement is the primary requirement for any industry to realize expected profit returns and reduce loss through inefficiencies and disputes. Westech understands this critical element of your business and can help you make the right technology choices for your next project. Our broad industry experience and thorough knowledge base of industry standards and codes gives us the capacity to deliver reliable and accurate solutions to solve the unique and precise measurement challenges your business requires.

Prover Skid-018 Pembina
MO 1223-003-007 - Terminal

Calibration & Verification

  • Prover Truck
  • Prover Assemblies

Quality Measurement

  • Vapour Pressure Measurement Systems for Distillates, Dilbit & Crude
  • Density & Viscosity Measurement Systems for Crude Quality
  • BS&W (Base Sediment and Water)
  • Sulphur in Crude Measurement

Speciality Buildings

  • Lab Buildings
  • Analyzer Buildings
  • Specialty Buildings
  • Custody Transfer Liquid & Gas

Tank Storage

  • Portable Gauging
  • Tape & Float Gauging
  • Radar Tank & Servo Tank Gauging
  • Tank Temperature Measurement
  • Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves
  • Emergency Relief Manholes
  • Tank Blanketing Regulators
Flame Arrester2

Flame Arresters

  • Inline Deflagration Flame Arresters
  • Detonation Flame Arresters
Integrated Modular

Integrated and Modular Solutions

  • Top/Bottom Loading
  • Ethanol Loading/Offloading
  • Bitumen Loading
  • Customized Metering & Custody Transfer
  • Truck and Rail Loading/Unloading
    • Additive Injection Systems
    • Blending Systems
    • Loading Computers

Project Portfolio

Here are some of our recent projects, be sure to also check out our entire project portfolio Westech Industrial has helped custom build for our clients throughout the years.

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