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SICK Ltd GMS800 FIDOR Extractive Gas Analyzers

A member of the GMS800 analyzer family, the GMS800 FIDOR extractive gas analyzer is ideally suited for emission monitoring according to regulatory requirements (in waste incinerators, cement and/or power plants, for example). Based on the proven flame ionization detection principle, the GMS800 FIDOR measures total hydrocarbon concentrations in gases at both trace levels and high concentration levels. The GMS800 FIDOR is available in three versions: the GMS810 FIDOR with integrated control unit (BCU), the GMS811 FIDOR with separate control unit (BCU) and the GMS840 FIDOR with a space-saving wall housing. The housing makes integration into existing systems such as SICK’s MCS100 E HW multi-component analyzer very easy.

At a glance
  • Standard 19” enclosure for easy integration into all industry-typical systems
  • Space-saving wall housing (stand-alone)
  • Nearly maintenance free ejector pump delivers sample gas to the analyzer
  • Integrated catalytic converter (option) provides very clean zero gas
  • Automatic regulation and compensation of process pressure fluctuations
  • Protective filter at sample gas inlet
  • High degree of linearity (≤ 2 %) for very low and high measuring ranges

Available: Eastern Canada

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Your Benefits

  • High availability of 99.5 %
  • Convenient remote diagnosis and operation via Ethernet using SOPAS-ET software
  • Minimum maintenance costs due to the absence of moving parts
  • Replacement of complete assemblies and modules makes repairs easy
  • Compatible with predecessor systems
  • Hydrogen as fuel gas, expensive helium is not required
  • Low operating costs, e.g., due to low hydrogen consumption (typical 30 ml/min)
  • The GMS811 FIDOR, on which the control unit (BCU) can be separated from the analyzer unit, supports convenient control and monitoring from a central control room.


Manufacturer info

The future is now. The fourth industrial revolution is in full swing. Worldwide! Networked production and control processes in complex machine environments are no longer a thing of the future. The foundation for dynamic, real-time-optimized, and self-organizing industry processes is information gathering and the further processing of that information. As providers of data, sensors are essential for Smart Factories. SICK, an expert in sensors, is therefore at the forefront of developments. Sensor technology is the prerequisite for successful implementation of Industry 4.0.