Chemical and Petrochemical Solutions

Safe and efficient processes in the chemical and petrochemical industry thanks to reliable process automation solutions!

Our products and integrated solutions may answer several challenges that the producers are facing:

  • Safety systems to deal with the large scale of hazardous materials processed on site,
  • Innovative engineering solutions in line with the  dynamic market requests and competitive cost restrictions,
  • Forward-thinking solutions responding to today’s stringent environmental standards

Process automation on multiple levels across the whole value chain greatly contributes to plant profitability by operational excellence and safety.

Westech Industrial offers a number of solutions, in particular, process analyzers play an essential role in reducing production costs, enhancing product yields, increasing plant safety, and ensuring compliance with local emission regulations. Process analyzers fulfill vital tasks in different parts of the plant and maximize efficiency and uptime of many process units.  Westech has over 50 years working with process control products and our expertise and range of innovative products can help your company stay competitive.

Our Solutions

Curbing the Risks in Fertilizer Plants

Application Note: Keep an eye on your safety In fertilizer plants, flammable gases like methane and hydrogen are essential building blocks in the production of ammonia, which is used to produce ammonium nitrate fertilizers that release nitrogen, an essential nutrient for growing plants. However, ammonia is a highly toxic substance that can cause eye, nose and throat irritation, wheezing…

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Process Control Products for the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry