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Canada has one of the largest mining sectors globally and the Canadian mining industry directly employs over 425,000 workers across the county in mineral extraction, smelting and fabrication and manufacturing.

Canada ranks in the top five countries in the global production of 16 major minerals and metals:

  • First in Potash
  • Second in Uranium and Niobium
  • Third in nickel, gemstones, cobalt, aluminum, and platinum metal groups
  • Fourth in Cobalt, cadmium, graphite and sulphur
  • Fifth in Diamonds, titanium, gold, and mica

At Westech Industrial we have over 50 years of experience ensuring mining operations perform efficiently, reliably, safely and are making the most of their available resources. We offer companies in the mining industry a range of innovative automation and instrumentation solutions, process control systems and site support services for mining and minerals processing in Canada.

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