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Protect Workers, Property with Hazard Warnings in Extreme Environments

October 20, 2022

End of last year Emerson introduced its new open path gas detectors which are easy to install and commission. Westech Industrial’s Rosemount open path gas detectors trigger alarms for toxic and combustible gases across wide areas. These gas detectors were built to help increase safety and reduce downtime by offering performance reliability over wide areas in extreme environments and an easier, faster installation and commissioning process. Extreme environments include both heavy vibration conditions and operating temperatures ranging from -55C (-67F) up to 65C (149F) degrees commonly found in the oil and gas, refining, chemical, mining and large-scale refrigeration system operations.…

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Jacoby-Tarbox Educators

October 5, 2022

In-Line Eductors Superior By Every Measure The Clark-Reliance Corporation, with its Jacoby-Tarbox® Eductors, delivers greater value for your investment on every count.  Their advanced design provides superior flow paths for optimum performance, while the rugged construction is your assurance of reliability on demanding applications.  They are backed by superior application engineering services, and can be supplied to meet tight delivery schedules.  In addition, they are offered at prices equal to or lower than other makers of eductors, or conventional electric pumps. Advanced Design…Full ASME Ratings Eductors feature an advanced design to assure flows better than those of other eductors.  Unlike…

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Refresh yourself! Measurement technology behind your after-work drinks and snacks

September 26, 2022

Measurement data behind the production of carbonated soft drinks You’ve been working hard and it’s time for a break. Fancy a drink? How about something refreshing but with a kick – perhaps a delicious carbonated mixed drink that combines your favorite spirit with water and juice. When you refresh yourself with a chilled mixed drink it’s hard to imagine the amount of work and accurate measurement technology that has gone into ensuring the quality and consistency of your beverage, but each delicious sip has been measured and monitored to ensure the same great taste every time. Prefer a beer, wine,…

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SunWize Project Case Study: Southern California Utility

September 6, 2022

“I used your parts because they are off-the-shelf stocked parts so I will definitely have spares and the parts are proven to work. You are a proven supplier.” THE PROBLEM A major utility company from Southern California contacted us because they needed to install some sensitive monitoring equipment on power poles. The power lines they needed to install this equipment on is carrying 12,000VAC power, however, their device requires 12VDC. Part of the difficulty for them is they couldn’t simply use a regular transformer to get that 12VDC because the EMI emissions would mask the signals they are trying to…

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Advanced On-line Water Chemistry Monitoring – Reduces the Efforts of Lab Measurements

August 22, 2022

Today’s power plants face many difficult challenges, including maintaining and managing water / steam chemistry measurements within safe parameters. Long-term efficient power generation requires careful surveillance to guard against corrosive and depositing conditions and to ensure conformance with industry guidelines. On-line analytics from METTLER TOLEDO provide accurate and reliable measurements that power plant operators can trust to improve measurement accuracy, response time to critical problems and to reduce corrosion and contamination. Especially as cycling plants become more common, power plants face increased stress to boilers and turbines, staffing and expertise losses, and growing pressure to reduce costs. Discrepancies Between On-line…

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Critical Service Type 447 as alternative to nickel-based materials

June 9, 2022

SAVE COSTS: PTFE AS AN ALTERNATIVE Nickel prices are exploding on the raw material markets   In type 447, the medium-wetted parts of the steel body (inlet and outlet) are lined with PTFE. This makes this type an economical alternative to nickel-based materials, such as Hastelloy, which can be used in API type 526. Applications with corrosive media have challenging requirements for the materials. For example, stainless steels are unsuitable for the production and processing of chlorine. LESER offers safety valves of the “Critical Service” product group to safeguard these applications. The minimum thickness of the PTFE lining is 3…

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Biogas/Biofuels Application Note

April 26, 2022

What is Biogas/Biofuels Biogas is the gas created when organic matter breaks down in an oxygen-free environment. The biological process to produce Biogas is called Anaerobic Digestion and is considered a renewable source of methane gas, the main component of Biogas. Biogas can be used to power engines for the generation of electricity as well as Biogas can be further refined into Renewable Natural Gas (RNG). This RNG can be used in the traditional Natural Gas pipeline and is considered carbon neutral. Biofuels are fuels derived from renewable biological sources such as crops, oils, and organic waste. Continue Reading

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PRESS RELEASE: Westech Industrial Ltd. and SunWize Power Systems enter into a partnership for the Canadian marketplace

April 21, 2022

Calgary, AB, April 21, 2022 – Westech Industrial Ltd. (Westech) and SunWize Power & Battery LLC are pleased to announce that Westech Industrial is now a proud partner for the Canadian Marketplace on their remote solar and back-up power products. SunWize Power and Battery expands Westech’s portfolio of alternative energy sources for backup power solutions. SunWize Power Systems have been built using superior craftmanship and attention to detail. The Solar Power Ready Express battery kits have been developed for a wide range of systems to cover most of the standard applications for remote power generation from 65 to 1100 Watts…

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Flame Prevention for Food and Beverage Production

February 25, 2022

Manufacturing and processing food and beverages creates substantial fire and toxic gas risks. Gases are used for baking, processing and refrigerating foods. These gases can be highly hazardous – either toxic, flammable, or both. It is commonly known that kitchens present a huge fire risk, and industrial kitchens even more so. Ensuring comprehensive protection involves the installation of flame and gas detection systems, with gas detectors designed to detect the types of gases used in the industry. Download Application Note Application Spotlights FOOD & BEVERAGE REFRIGERATION FACILITIES INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN FLOUR & GRAIN MILLING FOOD & BEVERAGE The processes involved in…

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Process Trace Moisture Analyzer for Biogas Metering and Gas Grid lnfeed Plant – Application Note

January 26, 2022

Part of the “Energiewende” (energy transition) towards reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and increase of renewable energy is the production of biogas. Biogas can be produced from a broad range of feedstocks. In a process of anaerobic digestion, the biomass or energy crops are converted to biogas by several types of bacteria within the fermenter. Once the process has started the bacteria must be fed constantly without interruption. The produced biogas is typically consisting of 60% methane and 40% carbon dioxide with traces of hydrogen sulfide and water vapour. The gas is sent to the treatment plant where impurities are…

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