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ARJAY ENGINEERING 2852- DPM Dry Pump Monitor

The 2852-DPM sensor monitors a cross sectional area of the pipe and locks in on the capacitance field of the fluid passing through.
A change toward a dry condition or a liquid of a different dielectric will upset the capacitive field and initiate an alarm.

The sensing plates are embedded into a wafer flange which provides monitoring without any intrusion into the stream flow.

Available: Canada Wide

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Arjay Engineering_Model 2852_ Spec sheet_ Dec 11, 2019_.pdf

Arjay Engineering_Model 2852-DPM_Manual_Dec 11, 2019_Westech.pdf

Manufacturer info

Arjay Engineering is proud to be an industry-leading designer and manufacturer of process and environmental control systems. With over 40 years of manufacturing and engineering experience, we have extensive knowledge in the world of oil in water analyzers, capacitance monitors, level controls, leak alarms and gas detection instruments. In addition to our manufactured products, we also provide custom design and engineering services.