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ARJAY ENGINEERING 4100 – Pro Oil/Water Tank Profiler

over 40 years of Arjay’s field-proven HF capacitance experience has been applied to the 4100-Pro tank profiler. This unique system provides multiple probes to profile the oil separation in treater trains, oil/water knock out vessels and separators. Benefits include a unique capacitance approach that minimizes routine cleaning, no moving parts, control and interface panel mounts safely away from the process, multiple probe monitoring.

Continuous profiling of oil/water interface and emulsions in tanks

Multiple capacitance probes staggered in an oil/water separator will provide a profile of the emulsion location and thickness.

The 4100-PRO uses multiple sensing probes to measure the capacitance field at distinct points within the tank. The resulting profile can be used to track the vertical location of an interface/rag layer and the emulsion thickness. The data can be used for flow control, diluent and other chemical injection, and alarms of impending control excursions. This instrument is ideal for trending of process conditions to maximize your oil/water separation efficiency.

Available: Canada Wide


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