SunWize Power Ready Express 270351

Power Ready Express 270351

The SunWize Power Ready Express 270351 is a complete remote solar battery kit that contains everything you need to run a stand-alone DC load using solar energy. The PRE 270351 is a quick-install stand-alone solar system with an assembled PWM control panel. It is side of pole mounted. Similar to our Power Ready line of fully-assembled systems, but in a kit package, the Power Ready Express 270351 contains all pre-inventoried items, allowing Westech to quickly fulfill your order. PRE kits feature a pre-wired and fully assembled control panel, requiring only simple array and battery connection terminations during installation. Speak to your sales executive to learn more about how SunWize can service your power needs!

Available distribution: Canada Wide

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• Powers DC equipment that accepts 23.0 to 31.0 Volts (nominal 24V)
• Runs loads of 10.0-28.8 Ah/day in low sun (1.0-3.0 sun hours)
• Runs loads of 28.8-45.0 Ah/day in medium sun (3.0-4.5 sun hours)
• Runs loads of 45.0-60.0 Ah/day in high sun (4.5-6.0 sun hours)
• OptionalPRE Accessory Panels allow AC loads, 12/24V DC load configurations, and more

• Comes with 4″ Diameter Pole Size U-Bolt Kit
• Mounting Pole is not included.




SunWize has over 29 years of a proven reliability in extreme environments, SunWize solar, battery backup, and hybrid power systems are engineered, assembled, and tested for easy installation and minimal maintenance. We provide solutions for small to medium-sized businesses and Fortune 500 companies in a multitude of industries