BARTEC HYGROPHIL F 5674 Process Trace Moisture Analyzer

HYGROPHIL F 5673 was particularly designed for the natural gas industry. In the meantime, it is used for moisture measurement in a diversity of gases and liquids. Due to the high-quality materials reused the sensor is extremely robust and resistant to almost all mediums.

HYGROPHIL F 5673 works with a combination sensor which by means of a fibre optical method measures the moisture content and by means of a PT100 measures the temperature in the medium. The very robust construction of the sensor and the measurement procedure itself offer several decisive advantages.

Among the advantages of this measurement principle which is protected by patents are the following:

  • high measurement safety including accuracy, reproducibility and low hysteresis
  • long-term stability of the sensor (no drift!)
  • measurement directly in the pres-sured pipe is possible (pressured dew point!)
  • sensor can be placed in hazardous locations (class I/div. 1)
  • simple installation and integration (Swagelok, Parker, …)

Available : Canada Wide

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