BARTEC BENKE Freeze/Cloud Point Process Analyzer FRP-4/CPA-4

The freeze point, as well as the cloud point, are both important cold properties that need to be monitored by operators. A matter of fact is that cloud point and freeze point can be detected with one analyzer as the principle of detection is identical. The difference between the two properties is defined by the actual sample behaviour.

The sample e.g. gas/oil is cooled down and below a certain limit, small crystals start to appear, which results in a certain degree of cloudiness of the sample. At that point, the so-called Cloud Point temperature is determined via reduction of light intensity through an optical path. The cooling process is stopped and the crystals dissolve again. At that point the sample becomes clear and transparent again. As soon as all crystals have dissolved the so-called Freeze Point temperature has been reached.

Available: Canada Wide

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  • ASTM compliant optical measurement
  • Suitable to also measure cloud point temperature
  • Typically no chiller required for cloud point applications
  • Network and fieldbus communication



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