For Tough Chlor-alkali Processes
The InPro 4850i/120 is a dual-membrane pH probe for the measurement of pH and ORP in chlor-alkali processes. This 120 mm pH probe combines accurate measurement with durability for tough environments.

For Use in Chlor-Alkali Production
The InPro 4850i/120 is specifically designed for chlor-alkali processes. It uses the sodium concentration in the process (brine) as a reference.

Designed to Resist Harsh Conditions
This pH sensor has no diaphragm, making it immune to chlorine and other oxidizing agents that lead to failure in other pH and ORP electrodes.

An Advanced Digital pH Sensor with ISM
The InPro 4850i/120 has an ISM digital signal that is immune to interference and distortion and ensures 100% signal integrity and stability.

Available: Canada Wide

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Mettler Toledo_Inpro485X_Spec sheet_Jan 10,2020_Westech.pdf

Mettler Toledo_Inpro485X_Manual_Jan 10,2020_Westech.pdf

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