At Westech, we provide industry-leading integrated solutions and products to a wide range of sectors that make operations more effi­cient, productive and safer.


We bring together a team of dedicated professionals that will provide innovative, state-of-the-art, turnkey solutions that address our client’s full range of needs.


Our professional engineers work diligently to provide clients with safe, innovative, efficient and reliable design solutions, as well as creative consultation and evaluation services.


Whether it’s a single asset repair or an entire plant shutdown, Westech has the experience and knowledge to create a tailor made valve service to suit each unique operation.


Our biggest value to our customers is support. We offer 24/7 availability, over fifty years of experience and training in process control and instrumentation.

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About Westech Industrial

Westech Industrial Ltd. is a leading supplier of analytical instrumentation and process control equipment to a wide variety of industries. Our products include: flame and gas detection, process analyzers, valves and measurement control solutions. Westech also manufactures flame arresters and provides industrial valve servicing.

In 2021 Westech recognized a remarkable occasion as we celebrated 55 years in business. In that time Westech has become recognized as a leading solutions provider in the Oil & Gas, Pipeline, Terminal, Municipal and Petrochemical industries. We have successfully grown leading market share positions in process control instrumentation product lines.

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Latest Updates

Engineered hygienic clamps — how precision gauging leads to hygienic union reliability and product quality

June 30, 2023

Just as a table needs at least three legs to achieve stability, adding an engineered clamp can be the third leg that ultimately stabilizes union performance to meet industry demands for greater consistency. The industry and standards organizations, like ASME BPE1, have standardized geometry for hygienic ferrules and categorized gasket…

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Case Study: Heat and Electricity for All of Kuopio – Verifiably Lower Emissions with SICK Sensor Intelligence

May 29, 2023

We are thrilled to present a remarkable case study that showcases the power of SICK Sensor Intelligence in revolutionizing emissions monitoring and energy production. Discover how Kuopion Energia, a leading energy company in Finland, leveraged our MCS200HW multi-component analyzer system to achieve unparalleled efficiency, lower emissions, and reliable supply of…

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Navigating the Future: Ultrasonic flow measurements in flare installations

May 17, 2023

In today’s highly competitive process industry, continuous optimization of operations and service work is crucial. Moreover, as environmental regulations pertaining to flaring become increasingly stringent, it becomes imperative to employ reliable and efficient flow measurement solutions. For over 30 years, ultrasonic flow meters have been utilized to measure flow to…

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