Mastering CEMS Selection: Your Definitive Guide to Finding the Right Monitoring Solution


Choosing the right Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) is a pivotal decision for industries committed to air quality compliance and environmental responsibility. As your dedicated partner, Westech Industrial brings forth a comprehensive guide to streamline your CEMS selection process. Our expertise extends beyond our comprehensive range of CEM solutions, encompassing customized fabrication offerings, expert services, and in-depth in-house knowledge.


Step 1: Determine Process Parameters

At the heart of CEMS selection lies an in-depth understanding of your process parameters. Westech Industrial excels in assessing the gases, temperature, and pressure unique to your operations. Whether it's handling reactive gases or addressing hazardous emissions, we provide tailored solutions to ensure accurate measurements and compliance.

Step 2: Account for Fuel Types

Your fuel choice significantly influences CEMS selection. Westech's expertise spans various fuel types, from natural gas to oil. Our approach guarantees precise measurement of pollutants specific to your fuel type, ensuring compliance and accurate data.

Step 3: Anticipate Future Regulations

Stay ahead of regulatory changes by selecting adaptable CEMS solutions. Westech Industrial recommends systems that can be upgraded or modified to accommodate evolving regulations. We safeguard your investment by helping you navigate potential changes efficiently.

Step 4: Understand Compliance Rules & Standards

Navigating the intricate compliance landscape is paramount. Westech Industrial guides you through regulations like the National Emissions Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAP) and the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS). Our solutions ensure full adherence, preventing potential fines.

Step 5: Address Fuel-Related Challenges

Certain fuels pose unique challenges due to their chemical composition. Westech's experience extends to managing fuels with high sulfur content, addressing corrosion concerns, and handling particulate buildup. Our solutions ensure accurate measurements and minimal downtime.

Step 6: Evaluate Operational Conditions

Operational conditions significantly influence CEMS effectiveness. Westech's tailored solutions are designed to excel in challenging environments, whether it's extreme temperatures, high concentrations of hydrocarbon vapors, or corrosive chemicals.

Step 7: Factor in On-Site Environment

Environmental conditions directly impact CEMS accuracy. Westech Industrial's solutions are engineered to withstand harsh conditions, from chemical exposure to extreme temperatures and high winds. Our installations maintain the integrity of your emissions data.

Step 8: Consider Lifetime Costs

Westech Industrial's commitment extends beyond the initial investment. We understand the total lifetime cost of CEMS ownership, including installation, calibration, maintenance, and personnel training. Our solutions offer both cost-efficiency and long-term value.

Step 9: Leverage Expert Support Resources

Our relationship doesn't end at the purchase. Westech's dedicated support resources ensure optimal CEMS performance. From manufacturer support to industry organizations like API and IOGP, we provide comprehensive guidance, ensuring your CEMS operates seamlessly.

Step 10: Embrace Technology Benchmarking

Benchmarking CEMS technologies against industry standards and your specific needs is crucial. With Westech's expertise, confidently select a CEMS aligned with regulations, offering optimal performance and real-time emissions data.

Step 11: Collaborate on Custom Solutions

Westech Industrial goes beyond off-the-shelf solutions. Collaborate with us for customized CEMS and fabrication solutions tailored to your operations. We bridge the gap between standard offerings and your unique requirements.


Westech Industrial stands as your trusted partner in mastering CEMS selection. With a steadfast commitment to compliance, sustainability, and unmatched technical expertise, we ensure your operations uphold environmental responsibility. From diversified analyzer options to tailor-made solutions and unparalleled support, Westech is your definitive destination for CEMS needs. Let us guide you towards a greener, compliant future.