TESCOM AGI H2 Valve Series – Hydrogen Applications

Minimize downtime in hydrogen and other high-pressure gas applications

The TESCOM™ AGI Double Block Bleed (DBB) and Hand Valves enable hydrogen and oil and gas OEMs, as well as fueling station operators, to maintain a safe working environment during instrumental maintenance routines. These maintenance-free valves feature a positive double-block arrangement that protects workers after they isolate process pressures, while their modular design reduces the number of potential leakage points. In addition, hand-operated DBB valves include a non-adjustable seal that successfully avoids the release of high-pressure liquids or gasses into the environment while requiring no packing adjustment over the valve’s lifetime.

Available: Canada Wide

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  • True double-block shutoff arrangement enhances operator protection from high-pressure lines during routine instrument maintenance. 
  • Designed to have strong sealing capabilities, units avoid dangerous potential media leakage into the environment. 
  • The valve’s maintenance-free bonnet packing eliminates the need to perform periodic adjustments over the lifetime of the valve 




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