Sick Ltd CEMS Analyzer Solutions MCS200HW

The MCS200HW is a multi-component analyzer system for continuous monitoring of up to 10 IR measurement components in flue gases of industrial combustion plants. The MCS200HW is hot/wet extractive: All parts which touch media, from the gas sampling probe to the cell, are heated above the dew point and therefore protected from corrosion.

An integrated oxygen sensor also measures oxygen. As an option, a TOC measurement can be supplemented via an integrated GMS811 FIDORi. Internal reference point monitoring allows for a quick check of the measured values with test gases. The web display and the task assistant integrated in the software makes operation very easy.

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Sick_MCS200HW_Spec sheet_Dec 12, 2019_Westech.PDF

Sick_MCS200HW_Manual_Jan 15,2020_Westech.PDF

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The future is now. The fourth industrial revolution is in full swing. Worldwide! Networked production and control processes in complex machine environments are no longer a thing of the future. The foundation for dynamic, real-time-optimized, and self-organizing industry processes is information gathering and the further processing of that information. As providers of data, sensors are essential for Smart Factories. SICK, an expert in sensors, is therefore at the forefront of developments. Sensor technology is the prerequisite for successful implementation of Industry 4.0.