The temperature sensor transmits a signal through the control system to the actuator and positions the control piston according to the valve characteristic. The cooling fluid is now admitted to the injection nozzle and is accelerated at the nozzle insert. The cooling fluid is injected as a very fine water spray cone; the small droplets are quickly evaporated and absorbed by the independent stream. Our high quality atomization of the cooling liquid is the basis of a good mixing fromcooling fluid and steam at all load conditions. The position of the valve seat, just before the spray head, provides a tight shut off in the closed position, so that dripping is prevented. The small number of moving parts results in a reliable operation of the valve.

Available: Canada Wide

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Manufacturer Info

SCHROEDAHL is a worldwide established company with decades of experience in the development and production of high quality speciality valves for power plants, industrial facilities as well as exploration- and production systems in oil and gas applications.

Owing to high reliability of the SCHROEDAHL-Products in connection with a consequent customer orientation, the company has become world market leader in the sector of pump protection systems.