Liquid carry over from the pipeline into the sample conditioning system should be prevented when sampling natural gas as it can directly impact the accuracy of the compositional analysis and also damage the analyzer. Industry standards state that equipment used to remove liquid from the sample must be operated at flowing temperature and pressure conditions. Genie® Probes™ provide a means to insert Genie® Membrane Technology™ directly into a pipeline for the purpose of separating unwanted liquid and particulate from the gas sample at flowing temperature and pressure conditions, in compliance with industry standards.

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Leading the industry in Analytically Correct™ Sampling Systems, Components, and Technology. By applying sound principles of science and a minimalistic design approach, we manufacture our products to solve your specific sampling needs. We specialize in Analytically Correct™ Sample System Design, Sample Conditioning Components, and revolutionary gas and liquid sampling technology. We are The Sampling Experts™.

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