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Hydramotion XL5 In-Line Viscometer

All the benefits of the XL7 but lighter.

A stainless steel beauty, combining unrivalled performance with a reduced footprint.


Production processes often demand highly specialized instruments to do a job in hard-to-access areas or where weight and space are an issue. A lighter touch also helps with low fluid volumes and smaller-scale applications.

Enter the XL5. A true field-hardened workhorse you can place almost anywhere. Bigger isn’t always better.


Maintaining durability and ease of use in an instrument half the size of an XL7 has been the design priority.

So it’s tough and able to tolerate the harshest process conditions including intense pressure. The trademark immunity to plant and installation effects are all there. And the high integrity connector provides hookup in a snap. It all goes to make the XL5 yet another signature viscometer.




Manufacturer info

As respected leaders, Hydramotion has created products that define modern industrial viscometry. This is no accident, it’s in our DNA. The design team led by CEO, John Gallagher, is founded on a core of engineering and physics and has a long history of groundbreaking innovation.

Website: https://hydramotion.com/