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HOBRÉ RAMAN Zero Emission Analyzer Concept

In corporation with TNO (the Netherlands Organization for applied scientific research) in Delft, Hobré developed a very robust and innovative, patented Raman technology for online gas analysis in the oil and gas industry, including renewables. With the Raman technology, Hobré offers a fast responding gas composition analysis for feed forward control on high- and low-pressure applications. The combination between the Hobré Raman technology and Hobré’s proprietary HIFISC probe design results in an unmatched Zero-Emission setup.
The initial focus for Hobré will be on (renewable) natural gas and syngas applications (such as Methanol, Ammonia and Hydrogen production).


Key benefits

  • Complete natural gas (incl. H2) analysis in 10 seconds.
  • Non-destructive measurement. Analyzed sample is returned to process.
  • No pressure reduction required. High pressure has a positive effect on the Raman signal.
  • Flow and pressure independent.
  • High pressure and temperature flow cell for analysis at process conditions.
  • Separation between sample and electronics by use of optical fibers.
  • No need for frequent calibrations.


Manufacturer Info

Hobré is a leader in the field of manufacturing, and maintenance of online analyzers, for natural gas and petrochemical markets. With more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry,

Hobré, founded is a leader in the field of design, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of online analyzers, sample systems and complete turnkey analyzer systems for the oil & gas and petrochemical sector. Hobré’s online analyzer products, like the Wobbe Index and H2S/S analyzer, are state of the art solutions in the industry.

Website: https://hobre.com/