HOBRÉ C-QUAND Continuous Process Analyzer

Total Sulphurs in Gasoline, Diesel and Crude

Looking for optimization of your process?

The C-QUAND is a sensitive yet robust, easy to operate & maintain, continuous process analyzer which will enable the optimization of your plant process. With its broad range from Silicon (Z=14) to Uranium (Z=92), the C-QUAND comes into its own in various applications such as Total Sulphur measurement, complex metal solutions, PTA and PIA plants and wastewater streams. With its industry-leading accuracy, repeatability, long-term stability and continuous availability, it will be a reliable workhorse in your process.

The non-destructive ED-XRF, X-Ray method has a long-proven track record in the industry for the measurement of elements in liquids. The technology delivers low OPEX costs with high availability (>99.5%). The C-QUAND analyzer offers excellent repeatability with the guarantee of drift-free measurement in the low and high concentration ranges.

The C-QUAND – has no problematic moving parts – features integrated auto-validation on solid reference material. The heated sample cell handles more viscous samples and measures at process temperature. Both the sampling system and analyzer wetted parts are available in acid-resistant materials. The net effect is a continuous, non-destructive, low maintenance analyzer with calibration intervals of typically more than one year. Considerable savings in analysis time and operational cost – in comparison to alternative analytical techniques – are two of the main benefits of the C-QUAND. It is a robust product fit for harsh process environments and can be fully integrated in-process monitoring and control.



Manufacturer Info

Hobré is a leader in the field of manufacturing, and maintenance of online analyzers, for natural gas and petrochemical markets. With more than 30 years of experience in the oil and gas industry,

Hobré, founded is a leader in the field of design, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of online analyzers, sample systems and complete turnkey analyzer systems for the oil & gas and petrochemical sector. Hobré’s online analyzer products, like the Wobbe Index and H2S/S analyzer, are state of the art solutions in the industry.

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