METTLER TOLEDO Gpro 500 Sensor

Tunable Diode Laser measurement technology is recognized for speed and accuracy of measurement, and immunity to background gases. To this, Mettler Toledo has added the simplicity of use and low maintenance of in line sensor design, plus advanced predictive diagnostics. The result of the Gpro 500 series, a highly durable line of oxygen sensors for process and safety applications in chemical plant and petrochemical operations.

Available: Canada Wide

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Mettler Toledo_Gpro500_Spec sheet_Jan 14,2020_Westech.pdf

Mettler Toledo_Gpro500_Technical data_Jan 14,2020_Westech.pdf

Mettler Toledo_Gpro500_Manual_Dec 13, 2019_Westech.pdf

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The GPro® 500 oxygen gas analyzer is a unique tunable diode laser spectrometer designed for safety applications. It uses a folded-path laser beam design for simple installation and measurement.