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Federal Signal Selectone Universal Tone Module

The UTM is a microcontroller-based tone generator capable of producing 32 different tones. The UTM is the key component of a SelecTone® System or a single SelecTone device. Tone selection is made by setting five DIP switches.

Housed in a plastic cover impregnated with stainless steel fibers, the circuitry is shielded from RFI (radio frequency interference) and EMI (electro-magnetic interference). The edge connector allows for quick and simple installation.

In addition to working with the entire SelecTone® line of speaker/amplifier products, the Model UTM is compatible with the EM3 Extension Module, 300VSC-1 Command Unit, 300VSC-1044SB Command Unit and 300SCW-1 Command Unit. The UTM provides crisp, clear digital signals easily distinguished from the ambient noise of commercial, institutional and industrial environments.

Available: Canada Wide

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