ENOTEC Aquatec 2000

AQUATEC® measures the oxygen content in industrial drying applications. Water vapour concentration is proportional to the amount of the displaced oxygen, so by using an oxygen reference value, the exact water vapour concentration can be calculated.

If the atmosphere in which the drying takes place is not ambient air, the oxygen content is measured and analyzed before the actual drying takes place.

Control and reduce drying times considerably with fast O2 / H2O measurements.

The patented AQUATEC® 2000 is the only InSitu O2/H2O analyzer in combination with emissions analyzer systems for all types of combustion.

AQUATEC® 2000 measures moisture and oxygen in flue gases or other non-combustible gases.

The measuring system consists of two serially installed, tried and proven gas sensors, in use the world over. The wet process gas measured by the first probe is extracted and processed in the analyzer cabinet (dried) and then fed to the second probe as a dry gas. The values measured by the two probes are compared and evaluated by the electronic unit with its high range of functions.

The analyzer cabinet of the AQUATEC® 2000 provides a maximum in flexibility and expansion possibilities. Depending on the required tasks, e.g. a multi-component analyzer with an NDIR measuring principle for measuring gas components according BImSchV or other analyzers can be additionally installed.

Available: Canada Wide

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  • Self-monitoring
  • Gas-tight sensor construction
  • Sensor life expectancy on display
  • Overview of calibration history
  • Includes gas extraction & conditioning


  • O2 and H2O measurement in CEMS
  • Measurement of oxygen and water vapour in flue gas



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Enotec_Aquatec1000_Technical specs_May 2012_Westech.pdf

Manufacturer info

ENOTEC manufactures precise and durable analyzers. To ensure this high level of quality, the complete process of planning, development and engineering is carried out by a dedicated workforce in Germany.