Blackline Safety G7x Wireless Gas Monitor

Meet G7x — the first and only comprehensive safety monitoring system with true last-mile connectivity to live monitoring personnel. Featuring an industrial-strength radio link, G7x communicates with the compact and portable G7 Bridge base station. Employees can work confidently over a mile away from the bridge knowing their safety is continuously being monitored in real-time. When your team needs the latest wireless gas monitor or remote lone worker technology, G7x and G7 Bridge work together to keep your teams covered, in even the most remote locations.

G7x defines a new level of lone worker monitoring technology. With seamless satellite connectivity, the G7x solution integrates the latest Internet of Things technology to keep your teams — and their safety — connected.

Available: ONT

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Manufacturer info

A leading supplier of wirelessly connected gas detection and lone worker monitoring products in the world. They offer the broadest and most complete portfolio available anywhere.