BARTEC BENKE Model P-840/P-840LT Pour Point Analyzer

To remain competitive, today’s refiners must employ all optimization and product control techniques available. The use of online physical property analyzers is one of the key features to reach those objectives because they measure important quality properties in the process directly. The no flow point (correlating to pour point) is the temperature where a product (as it is cooled) stops flowing.


Given today’s highly competitive environment, oil refiners are demanding instrumentation that aids in the optimization of the refining process. Therefore, refineries require a reliable and accurate analysis system of the No Flow (Pour Point) temperature to meet the required specifications. This analysis will allow the operators to optimize the refining process and therefore lower production costs while improving product quality.

Available: Canada Wide

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Bartec Benke_840LT_Datasheet_June2023_Westech.pdf


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