ABB Symphony Plus Combustion Instrument Multi Fuel Safe Flame Scanner Uvisor™ SF810i

Elevate your combustion system’s performance and reliability with the ABB Symphony Plus Combustion Instrument Multi Fuel Flame Scanner Uvisor™ SF810i. This state-of-the-art instrument is meticulously designed for the precise monitoring of flames in boilers and flaring systems, ensuring that the flame is accurately detected and maintained. It embodies the latest in technological advancements to offer an efficient and reliable solution for flame monitoring, aligning with ABB’s longstanding reputation for durability and performance.

The Uvisor™ SF810i distinguishes itself with an “Integrated” design, consolidating all critical electronics—from sensors to processing units and communication ports—within a compact scanner enclosure. This integration ensures a streamlined setup that is both space-efficient and compatible with the dimensions of the Uvisor™ UR600-XX series, with minimal increase in size for enhanced capabilities.

Boasting redundant Profibus communication lines with speeds up to 12Mbit/s and the option to switch to MODBUS protocol, the SF810i offers superior flexibility and connectivity, ensuring robust and reliable data transmission for comprehensive flame monitoring.

Designed for simplicity in installation and configuration, the SF810i is user-friendly and adaptable to various operational needs, making it an indispensable tool for ensuring the continuous and efficient operation of flaring or boiler systems across multiple fuel types.

Opt for the ABB Symphony Plus Combustion Instrument Multi Fuel Flame Scanner Uvisor™ SF810i for unmatched accuracy in flame monitoring, reinforcing your commitment to operational excellence and safety in critical combustion applications.

Available: Canada Wide

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Manufacturer Info

ABB is a global leader in electrification and automation, renowned for driving industrial transformation with over 140 years of innovation. As a distributor of ABB Ability™ flame scanners, we bring ABB’s cutting-edge technology to our customers, enhancing safety, reliability, and performance in combustion processes. Website: