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VAREC Biogas 244w Series Waste Gas Burner & Ignition System

Excess biogas must be disposed of safely. The gas is flared to avoid an odor nuisance or an explosion hazard. Biogas is generated through the anaerobic digestion of organic solids. It is produced in municipal or industrial anaerobic digesters, lagoons and municipal landfills. Biogas is typically a highly-moist mixture of gases. It consists of approximately 55 to 70% methane, 25 to 35% carbon dioxide and trace amounts of nitrogen, hydrogen sulfide, and water vapor. The biogas often has a fluctuating flow and BTU value. the 244W series is designed to operate reliably at low and high flow rates, and is not affected by changes in the biogas BTU value.

Available: Canada Wide

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Manufacturer Info

Varec Biogas:

Varec Biogas offers the most complete line of Biogas Safety and Handling products in the world.

Traditionally used in municipal sewage treatment, our products have evolved and are now installed in landfills, breweries, dairies, and food processing plants where anaerobic digestion is used for solid waste treatment.

Website: https://varec-biogas.com