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Varec Biogas Safety Selector Valve (SSV)

Dual Pressure Relief Device System

Digester and gas holder covers should be equipped with pressure and vacuum relief valves for protection against structural damage caused by possible  over and under pressure due to the rapid pumping of the sludge into and out of the vessel, or from an excess of gas production. The valves are installed with flame arresters to prevent an external flame from igniting the gas within the digester.

Available: Canada Wide

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  • Provides a safe and efficient method of switching from an active pressure relief device to standby.
  • No process shutdown for maintenance of pressure relief device.
  • High CV values resulting in less than 3% pressure drop to the active PRV.
  • Cv values verified by an ASME accepted flow test facility.
  • lightweight and compact design helps reduce field installation cost.
  • Bright red indicator for positive indication of active pressure relief device.
  • No special tools required to operate.


Varec Biogas_SSV_Spec sheet_Jan 9,2020_Westech.pdf

Manufacturer info

VAREC (VApor RECovery Specialty Company) began business in the 1930’s at its manufacturing plant in Compton, California. Varec was there in the infancy stage of the biogas market in the early 1950’s. From the onset, Varec’s focus was to deliver Biogas Handling products that suited customers’ specific requirements, even if it meant creating the product off the drawing board.

Website: https://www.varec-biogas.com/