Measurement Solutions in Vaccine Production and Handling


Three presentations in one webinar. Learn how to save time and costs, while ensuring quality in vaccine research, production, and storage.

Date: April 28th, 2021
10:00 AM (EDT)


In an upcoming webinar hosted by our partner Vaisala-K-Patents, three Vaisala experts will cover several solutions for vaccine production and storage.
First, they will describe process refractometers used in vaccine production’s purification step by sucrose density gradient. Purification is one of the most important steps in vaccine production, and sucrose density gradient method is widely used for the purification and concentration of viruses in large-scale vaccine production.
Next they will cover several important measurements in vaccine research and production settings, including quality control, bio-decontamination, and calibration.
In the final portion they will address monitoring conditions in vaccine storage and distribution applications, with a focus on qualifying the environment for proper storage and monitoring.
Along with several downloadable resources in the webinar, you’ll get three presentations in one:
  • Fast and efficient viral vaccines purification by sucrose density gradient
    • Reliable, fast identification and collection of only the virus-rich product fraction using refractive index technology
    • Automated harvest of the targeted fraction
    • Maximum productivity and reduced overall downstream costs
  • From Stock to Product: Consistent control requires diligent measurements
    • Quality Control
    • Bio-decontamination
    • Calibration
  • Temperature Monitoring for Vaccine Quality
    • Research & development
    • Production
    • Storage and distribution


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