Process Analyzer Solutions

Hobré is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of on-line analyzers and sampling solutions measuring BTU/ Wobbe Index/ Heating Value, H2S/ Sulphur, Moisture, CO2 / Water, Fuel Gas, CO, Total Sulphurs and metals measurement in fuels and crude,  Metals in wastewater, Physical Property, Natural Gas Measurement & Flare Stack Gas analysis and related sample conditioning systems, shelters and integration to enhance high-quality analysis in critical process applications. Since 1978 they have focused on continuous process improvements for their customers in the Oil, Gas, (Petro)Chemical, Steel, Power generation, Metal Recycling & Refining, Renewables and Dairy industries.

Products Available

  • H2S ONLY Analyzer
  • Fuel Gas & Flare Gas Combustion Measuring
  • Raman Zero Emissions Analyzer Concept for Natural Gas
  • Total Sulphur in fuels and crude
  • Metals in Crude, wastewater
  • H2S, Moisture, CO2
  • Moisture and CO