Westech Industrial Ltd. and Hobré Analyzer Solutions Announce New Partnership

Effective immediately Westech Industrial is now the exclusive distributor of Hobre's on-line analyzers and sampling solution products in Canada.

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, December 16, 2020 -- Westech Industrial Ltd and Hobré Analyzer Solutions are pleased to announce effective immediately that we are now the exclusive distributors of Hobre's on-line analyzers and sampling solution products. The partnership will bring Hobre's 40+ years of expertise and innovative analyzer solutions to a wide range of industry clients including Oil &Gas, Chemical & Petrochemical, Steel, Power generation, Metal Recycling & Refining, Renewables and Dairy industries.

Providing continuous insights and process improvements for our clients.

At Westech quality is the cornerstone of our approach to business and a strong commitment to providing our customers with superior customer service, responsive technical support and rapid product availability. We believe Hobré’s outstanding reputation and high standards of reliability and accuracy in their products will provide our clients with access to world-class performance. Our partnership will enhance service levels throughout Canada through additional technical support, supply chain efficiencies, and greater overall access to Hobré’s analyzer solution products.

About Westech Industrial Inc.

For over fifty years Westech Industrial Ltd. has been the leading provider of innovative analytical equipment, process control and instrumentation solutions to a wide range of industries to help make their operations more efficient, productive and a safer place to work. Our expertise and product portfolio includes; analytical measurement, biogas solutions, instrumentation, fire and gas solutions, instrument and process valves, variable frequency drives and power solutions.

For more information, please visit westech-ind.com

About Hobré Analyzer Solutions

Hobré is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacturing, marketing and maintenance of on-line analyzers and sampling solutions measuring BTU/ Wobbe Index/ Heating Value, H2S/ Sulphur, Moisture, CO2 / Water, Fuel Gas, CO, Total Sulphurs and metals measurement in fuels and crude, Metals in wastewater, Physical Property, Natural Gas Measurement & Flare Stack Gas analysis and related sample conditioning systems, shelters and integration to enhance high-quality analysis in critical process applications. Since 1978 they have focused on continuous process improvements for their customers in the Oil, Gas, (Petro)Chemical, Steel, Power generation, Metal Recycling & Refining, Renewables and Dairy industries.

For more information about our Hobré Analyzer Solutions please call 1-800-912-9262 or visit our website at https://westech-ind.com/brands/hobre/.