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Westech Flame Arrester – Series 60

Series 60 “Warden”

Westech Series 60 In-Line Detonation Arrestors are Tested in Excess of Existing Standards, complete testing through the “Flame Profile Curve”.  All Westech arresters are tested for actual field conditions not mandated by existing standards, including momentum impulse (long-run stable detonation), thermal failure and reignition of downstream unburned gases providing maximum protection against all modes of flame propagation.  The Series 60 in-line Detonation arrester is constructed with fabrication Carbon Steel body, 316SS Elements.  The elements are designed with corrugated (Crimped ribbon) 316SS sheets that prevent flame transmission but allow free vapour flow.  The arrester body is available in an eccentric design that won’t allow liquid build up in the arrester housing when installed in the horizontal position.  The Series 60 is designed for NEC Group “C” or IEC Group IIB3 vapours.



  • Low-Pressure Drop
  • Easily Removable element
  • Horizontal or Vertical installation
  • Bi-directional
  • Less Maintenance
  • Multiple Element Design

Available: Canada Wide

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Manufacturer info

VAREC (VApor RECovery Specialty Company) began business in the 1930s at its manufacturing plant in Compton, California. Varec was there in the infancy stage of the biogas market in the early 1950s. From the onset, Varec’s focus was to deliver Biogas Handling products that suited customers’ specific requirements, even if it meant creating the product off the drawing board.

Website: https://www.varec-biogas.com/