SICK Ltd Extractive gas analyzers SIDOR


The SIDOR is a gas analyzer for measurement of up to 2 infrared components. Additionally oxygen can be measured by integration of an electrochemical or paramagnetic measuring cell. A significant characteristic is a half-yearly maintenance interval with test gases. The stability of the measuring cells allows an adjustment with only inert gas or ambient air within this half-year period. Sample gas pressure compensation is included as a standard. The SIDOR was type approved for large combustion plants and crematories.

At a glance
  • Detector with high long-term stability
  • Paramagnetic or electrochemical O2 measurement
  • Automated adjustment with component-free ambient air
  • Immune to contamination

Available: Eastern Canada

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Your Benefits

  • Automated readjustment, self-monitoring, and fault diagnosis
  • Test gas only needs to be checked every 6 months
  • Long maintenance intervals
  • TÜV suitability testing and MCERTS certification according to EN 15267
  • Can be repaired on-site in many cases
  • Replacement of components without complicated factory temperature calibration

Note: The analysis devices listed below are completely configured and available with short delivery times. Furthermore, countless device configurations – even customer-specific configurations – can be delivered on request. Our regional sales organization will be glad to advise you on which device configuration is best for you.


Manufacturer info

The future is now. The fourth industrial revolution is in full swing. Worldwide! Networked production and control processes in complex machine environments are no longer a thing of the future. The foundation for dynamic, real-time-optimized, and self-organizing industry processes is information gathering and the further processing of that information. As providers of data, sensors are essential for Smart Factories. SICK, an expert in sensors, is therefore at the forefront of developments. Sensor technology is the prerequisite for successful implementation of Industry 4.0.