Back Pressure Valve type: BPV

Even the optimized and sophisticated pressure reduction methods of SCHROEDAHL Minimum Flow Valves and SCHROEDAHL Control Valves are put to their limits in the extreme conditions in some plants. It is in just such cases that SCHROEDAHL Back Pressure Valves are put to work. They increase the clearance of the media evaporation pressure by generating a defined pressure differential. Unwanted evaporation and cavitation are prevented, ensuring gentle and cushioned operation.

Carefully matching the operating parameters between the Minimum Recirculation Valves together with Control and Back Pressure Valves guarantees ideal plant operation.

Available: Canada Wide

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Schroedahl_BPV_Spec sheet_Feb 3,2020_Westech.pdf

Manufacturer info

SCHROEDAHL is a worldwide orientated company with decades of experience in development and manufacturing of high-class specialty valves for power stations, industrial plants as well as for production, extraction and refining systems in the oil and gas sector.