Reliance Simpliport® 180 Bi-Color Ported Water Gage Glasses & LED Illumination (clark-reliance)

For Ordinary (Non-Classified) Locations & Hazardous (Classified) Locations

Our Wide Angle Optics Illuminate Boiler Water Level at Any Angle, Any Distance
Installed worldwide since 1962, Simpliport® Boiler Water Level Glass Gages provide reliable direct-reading, bi-color indication up to 3000 PSI (206 Bar). Continuous advancements to the Simpliport design have made them easier to install, easier to maintain and now, much easier to view.

Wherever you may be standing within 180° of the Simpliport Wide Angle Hood, you can clearly see the bright red or green indication of steam and water level. You will decrease your exposure time to the boiler environment, while maintaining a crystal clear view of a direct reading gage as required by ASME.

The Simpliport 180 System consists of a stainless-steel gage body, an LED illuminator assembly, and a wide-angle
optic viewing hood assembly. There are no service parts associated with the viewing hood assembly.

LED Illuminator

  • Features the brightest LEDs in the boiler gage industry
  • Low power consumption (< .1 Amp)
  • LEDs generate no heat
  • 120 or 240 VAC operation
  • Indoor or outdoor use

Available: Canada Wide

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The new Simpliport LED Illuminator features high-intensity long-life red and green LED’s and eliminates the traditional red and green glass color strips. The service life of the LEDs is up to 10 years, which far exceeds any traditional incandescent or halogen lamps in previous models.

Wide Angle Hood

  • Optional Sun Shield (only adds 5 inches (127 mm) to the length of the Viewing Hood) – shown left
  • Clear and bright viewing from any angle, any distance
  • Improves visibility of existing Simpliport gages…can provide clearer readings from dirty, contaminated gages…easy field retrofits!
  • Eliminates need for mirrors in most applications
  • Easy to install: no tools required to install or remove illuminator hood from gage
  • For indoor or outdoor use


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Manufacturer Info

Clark-Reliance® Corporation is a global leader in the level indication and control, sightflow indication, filtration and separation industries. The company’s well-known brands constitute the broadest line of level instrumentation for boilers and other equipment found in utilities, refineries, chemical processing and other industries.