Qmicro DynamiQ-X NG2220 Compact Ex gas chromatograph – Natural Gas & Hydrogen

For on-line natural gas with hydrogen analysis

Discover unparalleled precision in natural gas analysis with the DynamiQ-X NG2220, a compact Ex certified gas chromatograph optimized for on-line natural gas and hydrogen analysis. This advanced instrument is engineered to provide rapid and accurate monitoring of natural gas compositions, including hydrogen content, facilitating critical applications in composition control and custody transfer.

Key Benefits:

  • Rapid Analysis: Complete gas C6+ with H2 analysis in a mere 45 seconds, setting new standards in analysis speed.
  • Compact Efficiency: The DynamiQ-X NG2220 is a marvel of miniaturization, offering more functionality in less volume with its 3 GC units for a comprehensive analysis.
  • Precision and Accuracy: Achieve top-level accuracy with a CV of 0.025% and detection limits down to 500 ppb, compliant with ISO6976, GPA 2172, and ASTM D3588 standards.
  • Economical Operation: Designed for low consumption, it uses just 16 ml of He carrier gas per analysis and operates on a typical power consumption of 30W.
  • Simplified Maintenance: Featuring a replaceable cartridge that houses 3 GC units, this design eliminates the need for tubes or capillaries, ensuring easy maintenance and improved robustness.

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Innovative Design:

  • Utilizes advanced backflush to detector technology for efficient parallel foreflush and backflush analysis, protecting the GC column from contaminants.
  • Incorporates three GC units within a single compact, Ex certified analyzer to detect C1-C2, C3-C5 and C6+, and H2, offering unparalleled scope of analysis in one device.

The DynamiQ-X NG2220 is the epitome of innovation in gas chromatography, designed for industries that demand high accuracy and efficiency in natural gas and hydrogen analysis. Its low consumption, easy maintenance, and fast analysis capabilities make it an indispensable tool for ensuring the quality and control of natural gas.

Elevate your gas analysis capabilities with the DynamiQ-X NG2220, now available through Westech Industrial. Explore how this cutting-edge solution can enhance your operations with its unmatched precision and efficiency.



Manufacturer info

Qmicro, a pioneering force in high-tech gas composition analysis, specializes in delivering advanced solutions through micro GC chip technology (MEMS). Our partnership brings QMicro’s innovative products to Canada, serving industries with a need for precise, on-line gas analysis in process control and automation.