Qmicro DynamiQ-X NG2210 Compact Ex gas chromatograph – Natural Gas

Compact Ex gas chromatograph for on-line natural gas analysis.

The DynamiQ-X NG2210 is a compact Ex-certified gas chromatograph designed for the fast, accurate, and efficient analysis of natural gas. Engineered for online monitoring, this innovative analyzer is a powerhouse in measuring calorific values, making it ideal for composition control and custody transfer applications.

Key Benefits:

  • Fast Analysis: Achieve complete natural gas C6+ analysis in just 45 seconds, thanks to its super-fast analysis capability.
  • Miniature Design: Despite its small size, the DynamiQ-X NG2210 packs a punch with more functionality in less volume, featuring 2 integrated GC units for comprehensive analysis.
  • Unmatched Accuracy: With a CV of 0.025% and detection limits as low as 500 ppb, it adheres to ISO6976, GPA 2172, and ASTM D3588 standards for top-level accuracy.
  • Low Consumption: Configured for minimal carrier gas usage, it consumes only 12 ml He per analysis and operates on a typical power consumption of just 20 W.
  • Easy Maintenance: Equipped with a replaceable cartridge containing 2 GC units and devoid of tubes or capillaries, it ensures easy maintenance and enhanced robustness.

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Innovative Features:

  • Utilizes backflush to detector technology for parallel foreflush and backflush analysis, safeguarding the GC column.
  • Contains two GC units within one compact, Ex certified analyzer for detecting C1-C2 and the other for C3-C5 and C6+ compounds.

The DynamiQ-X NG2210 is not just a device; it’s a revolution in natural gas analysis, combining speed, accuracy, and efficiency in a miniature, low-consumption package. Its easy maintenance and robust design make it the perfect choice for industries requiring precise gas composition analysis.

Experience the future of gas chromatography with the DynamiQ-X NG2210, now available through Westech Industrial. Discover how this advanced solution can transform your natural gas monitoring and analysis.



Manufacturer info

Qmicro, a pioneering force in high-tech gas composition analysis, specializes in delivering advanced solutions through micro GC chip technology (MEMS). Our partnership brings QMicro’s innovative products to Canada, serving industries with a need for precise, on-line gas analysis in process control and automation.