Kemtrak DCP007-VIS Industrial Photometer – Color & Concentration

Westech Industrial is proud to offer the Kemtrak DCP007, a user-friendly industrial fiber optic photometer, expertly designed for precise in-line measurement of sample concentration and color. This advanced photometer stands out with its long-life, high-performance LED light source and robust industrial-grade fiber optics, ensuring drift and noise-free measurements with exceptional precision.

The DCP007 utilizes a unique dual-wavelength, four-channel measurement technique combined with advanced digital electronics, enabling deep absorbance measurements up to 5 AU. It also offers a range of shorter optical pathlengths for even deeper absorbance analysis. This photometer is equipped with automatic compensation features to adjust for sample turbidity and fouling of the optical windows, guaranteeing consistent, trouble-free operation.

Designed for durability and safety, the DCP007’s maintenance-free measurement cells are fitted with sapphire windows and contain no electronics or moving parts, making the unit perfectly suited for use in hazardous areas. This makes the Kemtrak DCP007 an ideal solution for industries requiring reliable and accurate color and concentration measurements under challenging conditions.

Available: Canada Wide

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  • Real time in-line measurement
  • Drift and noise-free measurement
  • Down to 5 AU (1 cm OPL), deeper absorbance measurements with shorter pathlengths
  • Zero maintenance measurement cells & fiber optics
  • Long life LED light source that is easy to change
  • Analogue output (0/4-20 mA)
  • Modbus (slave) over TCP/IP & Profibus (optional)
  • Local & web based graphical user interface (TCP/IP)
  • ATEX Exd IIB + H2 T6 IP66 Category II 2 G (optional)



Manufacturer info

Kemtrak is a company producing in-line measuring instruments and automation solutions for the industrial process engineering industry. Our goal is to partner with our customers through a network of experienced distributors to produce successful measurement and control solutions.
At Kemtrak, innovation and technical competence are central.