Jerguson® Safety Ballcheck Valves (Clark-Reliance)

Jerguson Safety Ballcheck Valves are an essential component of a glass level gage assembly. In addition to isolation, Safety Ballcheck Valves provide an automatic shut-off for glass level gage products in the event of a catastrophic glass or gasket failure. Safety Ballcheck Valves are available with integral, union, or bolted bonnet arrangements for application pressures ranging up to 10,000 PSI.

  • Jerguson 360 Series – Innovative Core Design Locating an Internal Ballcheck within a Metal Seated Valve
  • Jerguson Series 70BL™ & Series 70XL™ – Now API 624 Certified for Low Emissions! 600 lbs. ANSI rated valves, bolted bonnet OS&Y construction steel bodies with stainless steel trim, wide choice of features and connections
  • Jerguson 60LE Series – This valve is low emission certified to API 624 to provide compliance with EPA standards.
  • Jerguson Series 60™ – Union bonnet valves, steel bodies with stainless steel trim, wide choice of features and connections
  • Jerguson Series 140™ – Integral bonnet valves, steel bodies, stainless steel trim; wide choice of connections
  • Jerguson Series 70™ – 900 lb. ANSI rated valves bolted bonnets, OS&Y construction
  • Jerguson Series 86™ – A high pressure valve with bolted bonnet and OS&Y construction
  • Jerguson Series 90™ – Jacketed Valves for use with heated or cooled gages or other services where small jacketed angle valves are required

Available: Canada Wide

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Manufacturer Info

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